WAMED 2021 Workshops


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Esmeralda  l  FRI  l  9am - 11am WST

Dive into this iconic music that means so much to the Arab world, thinking about its lyrics, musicality and of course, dancing a special combination created specially for you! For this workshop you will work on combinations for different moments of the song and understand the deep connection to this iconic piece with this fabulous teacher.


Advanced / Technique / Streamed into the Studio from Brazil / Available through Zoom / $70

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Nina Martinez  l  FRI  l  9am - 11am WST

Increase your GC tribal bellydance repertoire by adding unique variations and challenging combos. These moves are a progression from GC Foundations and designed to challenge the experienced Caravan dancer. Let’s step up the pace, add zills, drill hard, transition smoothly between moves to create some Tribal magic!
Please bring your zills.


Advanced / Technique / Available through Zoom / $45

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Esmeralda  l  FRI  l  11.15am - 1.15pm WST

You will learn a full choreography on one of Esmeralda's favorite songs created by this amazing artist. In this class, you are going to work mostly on arms and turns techniques together with essential belly dance moves. 

Intermediate/Advanced / Choreography / Streamed into the Studio from Brazil / Available through Zoom / $70

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Lorralei  l  FRI  l  11.15am - 1.15pm WST

Lorralei of Mandragora has been experimenting, during last year's lock down! She is excited to create this unique mash-up, fusing the dark heavy intensity of Gothic Fusion Style Dance with Saiidi! This choreography is unapologetic in its dark intense and slightly aggressive style. You will learn a choreography to System of a Downs Toxicity, a 3min intense choreo.
Come to the Dark side and Get a little ferocious with Lorralei of Mandragora.
Please bring an assaya or cane and dance shoes are recommended.


Intermediate / Choreography / Available through Zoom / $45

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Emily  l  FRI  l  2pm-4pm WST

A drum solo is one of the most exciting yet challenging performances a bellydancer can bring to the stage! In this workshop Emily will be teaching a dynamic and flirty drum choreography to Dancing Flame by Artem Uzunov! Filled with cheeky accents and lively shimmies this fiery drum solo is sure to turn up the heat at your next performance!


Intermediate / Choreography / Available through Zoom / $45

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Emily Farrigua  l  FRI  l  2pm - 4pm WST

You might have heard the word before or maybe not at all... Mahraganat...what on earth is it? Mahraganat dancing is a local style of street dancing that has been around long before it even  became trendy online. If you have ever wondered what the origins and history of this style is, this is your chance! Come and join Emily in a fun, jam-packed 2 hours filled with everything you need to know about the style. Bring a towel and comfortable sneakers coz we are going to get the heart pumping!

Open / Technique / Available through Zoom / $45

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Prue Schafferius  l  FRI  l  4.15pm - 6.15pm WST

In this interactive workshop, learn how to avoid dance related injuries during class, rehearsal or performance. Discover what important elements should be included in your dance practice or class, to ensure longevity in this art form. This workshop is for all dancers and teachers, from the beginner student to the experienced instructor, there is something for everyone in this fascinating workshop. How can you as a student or performer ensure This interactive workshop is for both students and teachers of Bellydance. Learn about what important elements should be included in a warm up and cool down to prevent injury, Know how to keep your body safe from injury with The Dance Safe Project, so you can Dance for life!
Please bring a yoga or pilates mat or a towel.


Open / Technique / Available through Zoom / $45

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Jilyan  l  FRI  l  4.15pm - 6.15pm WST

Calling all sword fanatics and sword-curious! One sword, two swords, more? To floor or not to floor? Explore the possibilities, discover how the personas relate to your style and empower you to create your own unique and impactful sword performance. Tips and techniques to add to your toolkit - sharpen your skills and slay your audience (metaphorically...). Suitable for any dance style, sword fundamentals are universal. Some will be available for loan.


Open / Technique / Available through Zoom / $45


Eastern Odyssey

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Esmeralda  l  SAT  l  9am - 11am WST

In this class, Esmeralda will help you explore the intricacy of Arabic music, dancing to the different layers of the same Baladi piece, experimenting the best of sharp and flow moves! Improve your listening skills and find some new ways of interpreting the essence of Baladi.

Intermediate / Technique / Streamed into the Studio from Brazil / Available through Zoom / $70

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Nina Martinez  l  SAT  l  9am - 11am WST

Bringing you a gorgeous experience showcasing a journey through dance. Inspired by the cultures from India, North Africa to Spain, let's explore our GC repertoire focusing on ethnic flavours and steps, textiles and costume.
I would like to display how we can use these inspirations "our muses" and make them unique for our style of dance.
Please wear your tribal costume.

Open / Technique / Available through Zoom / $45

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Zahara  l  SAT  l  9am - 11am WST

From sassy, sexy street siren to the one that broke the mold... Spend time in a fun energetic workshop with Zahara playing with the different energies, music, of Shabbi.  We will study some technique, combinations and have a lot of fun exploring old Shaabi and electro shabbi (Mahraganet) music. 


Basic combinations for beginners with layers for intermediate and additional complexities for advanced dancers.
Bring a big bag of energy and a stick, assaya or cane. Wear clothes you can work out in and joggers are recommended.


Open level  /Technique / Available through Zoom / $45

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Esmeralda  l  SAT  l 11.15am - 1.15pm WST

It's time to pump it up with some fun and sassy combinations, in the best Lebanese style!

ENERGY is the word for this! 


Intermediate/Advanced / Technique / Streamed into the Studio from Brazil / Available through Zoom / $70

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Richelle  |  SAT  |  11.15am-1.15pm WST

I bring together a series of GCTB inspired moves each allocated to a goddess that correspond to a sun sign or month of the year, an elemental sign, an essential oil, a chakra, a crystal and a mantra. A total mind, body & spirit workshop, engaging all the senses though music & dance. Would suit GC and tribal fusion style dancers.
Bring a journal and a pen and explore the heavenly with Richelle.


Open level / Technique / $45
*Due to the interactive nature of this workshop, this workshop is not available through Zoom.

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Vittorina  l  SAT  l  11.15am - 1.15pm WST

“Rhythm is a dancer, it’s a soul companion”
In this workshop we will explore and get to know the three most popular Egyptian rhythms; Maqsoum, Baladi, and Saidi. These three rhythms sound similar and can tend to get confused between each other. You will learn each rhythm, how to identify which rhythm is which, and how to identify them in belly dance music, as well as dance drills for each rhythm. Bring a notepad and pen.

Open / Technique / Available through Zoom / $45

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Phynia  |  SAT  | 2pm - 4pm WST

An emotive taksim Baladi, full of surprise accents and juicy movements. This slinky choreography, with Phynia’s signature flair, builds slowly and is sure to keep your audience guessing and enthralled to the very end. 


Intermediate level / Choreography / Available through Zoom / $45

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Nina Martinez  l  SAT  l  2pm - 4pm WST

Drawing on the ancient muse Terpischore for inspiration and Global Caravan Dance as our medium, let's incorporate the elements, the stars and tribal props to create a workshop full of connection and ritual.
Focusing on the elements: fire, water, earth and air: I'm hoping to bring some tribal alchemy to this intermediate-level workshop!

Please bring any elemental props you may have, such as sword/veil/basket/fans.

Intermediate / Technique / Available through Zoom / $45

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Michelle l  SAT  l  2pm - 4pm WST

Bollywood is a creative mix of contemporary dance styles from around the world fused with Indian classical and folk dance styles. It's often combined with loads of personality and storytelling. Join Michelle to learn a dynamic, high energy choreography that's lots of fun!

Open Level / Choreography / Available through Zoom / $45

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Karen Davey  l  SAT  l  4.15pm - 6.15pm WST

Headwrapping is for a purpose, for fun, it’s creative and colourful. Do you wear a scarf for your sword or basket to sit on, and it doesn’t seem right? Come learn why. Do you wrap your head and wonder why the shape looks strange? Come and join me for some fun and tips on successful headwrapping with several different techniques. Suitable for tribalistas, folkloric fans, fusion fanciers and anyone who has ever had a bad hair day! Come have a try.
Bring a selection of scarves (preferably non-slip), hairclips, pins and flowers. 


Open / Technique / Available through Zoom / $45

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Zabelle  l  SAT  l  4.15pm - 6.15pm WST

Dance principles of movement for the Bellydancer. SWING, SWAY, RISE, FALL and TURNS. 
It is time to make your life easier with the 5 principles of movement in dance. 
The five principles are based on knowledge that we already possess and use everyday. Sometimes movements come naturally to us and some other moves are more complex and require retraining the brain to master them. 
Drawing on dance philosophies including Laban Method, the Alexander Technique, Pilates and Feldenkrais these principals have been created for improvements in health, for both the mind and body and for us, as dancers, to increase our body awareness to imitate and produce an ever evolving collage of movements to create a moving art piece. The idea of the five principles is to create an easy vocabulary as a tool. This is formulated to assist us in sharing our dance movements with others and to maintain a healthy relationship with our bodies throughout our lifetime.


Intermediate level / Technique / Available through Zoom / $45

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Amanda PB  l  SAT  l  4.15pm - 6.15pm WST

How do you embody the feelings of fire, earth, air and water in your dance? Learn how one combo can change by taking on the four elements into our bodies as we move.  This is a choreography workshop, with a twist. We are going to physically explore the creative and physical relationship between the four elements: air 💨, water 💧, fire 🔥 and earth 🌄.

💨 There is a symbiotic nature to air, how it lifts us up physically as well as spiritually even in our most impulsive moments.

💧 In water, we focus on the patience, cleansing and flowing aspect of this life-creating element.

🔥 If I asked which element demonstrated power and action, you'd instantly tell me FIRE! But you might not think of the adaptive nature of the fire in all of us.

🌄 Earth, is our constant dance partner under our feet, the element that grounds us, but doesn't ask for us to be weighed down by it.

Learn about how the elements influence every aspect of our lives and creativity.


Open Level / Choreography / Available through Zoom / $45


El Leila Helwa

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Esmeralda  l  SUN  l  9am - 11am WST

This is the most popular and most frequently requested of Esmeralda's workshops all over the world! In this class you are going to dance to the "Cha Cha of the Nile" song and talk about how important it is to embrace who you are in order to create a good piece of performance art!

Intermediate/Advanced / Technique / Streamed into the Studio from Brazil / Available through Zoom / $70

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Rachel Bond  l  SUN  l  9am - 11am WST

Different regions of the Middle East have distinct ways of using and dancing with sticks – can you recognise them? This workshop takes you on a journey from Upper Egypt, with the martial art of Tahtib and the Saidi dance styles Juheyni and Nizzawi; to Cairo for their representations of Saidi stick dance as well as Balady with cane; to Lebanon, where cane dance is often infused with a Dabke flavour. At each stop on our tour, we’ll learn moves and combinations to embody the flavour of that particular style, as well as matching them to the right music. Understanding this diversity will make your dancing richer, more varied and more appropriate for audiences of differing cultural backgrounds.
Please bring a stick, assaya or cane with you - preferably without a hook. 


Intermediate level / Technique / Available through Zoom / $45

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Aradia  l  SUN  l  9am - 11am WST

Redefine your dance 'sinspiration' in this workshop of divine proportions! We will explore the sophisticated, fluid, sensual, powerful and hypnotic movement but with a warped, mechanical and unpredictable glitch.
This workshop will be full of drills, technique and combinations that will force reboot your mind - and your dance!


Intermediate Level / Technique / Available through Zoom / $45

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Chelsey  l  SUN  l  9am - 11am WST

Film and discussion seminar.​

In 2020, Chelsey adapted her one-woman dance storytelling show, Haram, into a short film for online theatre festivals. The story is based on the accounts of real women, including some of her own experiences as a professional dancer. It is filmed as a one-woman monologue and contains some confronting subject matter that is not suitable for minors. This will be screened in the workshop  venue and is also available online through Zoom. Chelsey will also provide a talkback opportunity for questions and discussion of the themes. The story is powerful, challenging and participants will explore both the journey and the dramatic methods used to tell stories that impact and create lasting impressions.

Film and discussion seminar / Available through Zoom / $20

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Esmeralda  l  SUN  l  11.15am - 1.15pm WST

The Gulf was Esmeralda's home for many years and in this class you are going to dance to one of her favorite khaleegy songs and understand more about this amazing culture!


Open / Choreography / Streamed into the Studio from Brazil / Available through Zoom / $70

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Nina Martinez  l  SUN  l  11.15am - 1.15pm WST

Tempting tribal steps and combos that will make your feet sing, your hips sway! Add some sassy skirts, a little vintage charm and swing it! Our muse for this workshop is inspired by the 1920's, vintage beats and pearls. Please frock up and wear a tribal skirt for this fun intermediate-level workshop.


Intermediate level / Technique / Available through Zoom / $45

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Natalie Diggins  l  SUN  l  11.15am - 1.15pm WST

Playing the Symbols: 3 Easy Steps to Creating Choreography Using Language of Dance®

In this workshop we will have fun playing with a selection of symbols from The Movement Alphabet® to create a choreography that can be applied to any piece of music. This joyful, practical, workshop will create "light bulb" moments by using symbol aided problem-solving to make confident, expressive, choices. Don’t know where to start with creating a choreography, or stuck in a rut? Give this a go. Your new skills will be instantly applicable and easily remembered. Includes take-home symbol cards. All welcome. Language of Dance® is a succinct system of symbols that clearly describe movement, a body part or limb, effort, energy, pathway and proximity.
PLEASE NOTE: This is not a sagat workshop.

Open Level / Technique / Available through Zoom / $45

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Belyssa  l  SUN  l  2pm - 4pm WST

Through a mini choreography, Belyssa reinjects depth, spacial dynamics, power and height to enhance your individual or collective style/genre....ready to perform.
Please bring a veil and a cardboard box.

Open Level / Technique / Available through Zoom / $45

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Nina Martinez  l  SUN  l  2pm - 4pm WST

Join me in this super fun workshop with offerings from my Temple Studio. Great moves, Global Caravan combos and formations to integrate into your existing format....dance that has been inspired by a step, a piece of music, I go where the MUSE takes me!
Please wear a tribal skirt and swish your way to happiness.


Open Level / Technique / Available through Zoom / $45

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Magharita Galal  l  SUN  l  2pm - 4pm WST

Whether you are a Tribal, Fusion or Oriental dancer, your roots lie the Golden Era of Egyptian Dance.  In fact, Golden Era dance was the first major fusion style that changed the course of our dance forever. In this quintessential workshop on the Golden Era you will learn the history behind the fusion, enjoy some signature technique and combos and we will discuss the ways in which the era's pared-back stillness can increase YOUR confidence and joy while dancing - in any style! It's a veritable Gold Mine of insights and light-bulb moments.  So lets get digging!

Open Level / Technique / Available through Zoom / $45

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Laura Entwined  l  SUN  l  4.15pm - 6.15pm WST

The purpose of this workshop is to unlock and unwind the body using serpentine yoga and bellydance techniques developed by Laura Entwined over the past 10 years through her personal and professional practice. The movement practice will provide a restoring and nourishing practice for the body, mind and soul - creatively, artistically, spiritually and physically. Participants will learn movement tools and practices to unlock the body, sacred symbolism and serpentine dance techniques and repertoire. Laura will gently guide you to dive deep and explore your musculature and serpentine movement vocabulary, using the 7 Entwined Movement Keystones, playing with the energies, emotions and sacred geometry.


Open Level / Technique / Available through Zoom / $45

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Princess Fee  l  SUN  l  4.15pm - 6.15pm WST

Using the slinky, deep-muscled and serpentine movements of Zyama Goddess Format, you will delve into the darkness and learn the eight moves of the Sedna Goddess Series. This meditative and graceful style uses all your hidden depths to create beautiful shapes and flowing combinations that are a joy to dance. Stretch out, lengthen and release with this low-impact workshop to wrap up your WAMED Workshop programme!


Open level / Technique / Available through Zoom / $45

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Lucia  l  SUN  l  4.15pm - 6.15pm WST

Empowering the soul through mindfulness and dance.
During this workshop, we will explore different aspects that surround self-esteem to gain insight about how they affect our daily life. Then we will have the opportunity to explore strategies to boost our self-esteem and improve our quality of life through mindfulness and dance.
Bring an open heart and an enquiring mind.


Open level / Technique / Available through Zoom / $45


Raqs Cafe

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Alma Sarhan | MON| 9am-11am


Strike a Pose
Learn to be more comfortable in front of a photographer and learn the classic poses for a bellydance shoot. Alma (an amazing dancer herself) will show you how to perform in front of the lens. Come in full makeup/hair and a costume.  This workshop will be offered at Alma's South Fremantle Photographic Studio. Accessible by public transport.

Open level / Photoshoot / $45

*Due to the interactive nature of this workshop, this workshop is not available through Zoom.



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