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We are booking out a space at the Bar Orient on the Thursday night from 6pm so you can rock along and catch up with all those people you only ever see at festivals, meet some new faces, compare notes about which workshops you're excited about and have an early dinner before the Festival begins!

Thursday 2 June 2022  l  Bar Orient  l  6pm - 8pm


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Kadia  l  FRI  l  9.30 - 11.30am WST

This workshop will be focused on improving our hip technique and introducing different types of turns. Kadia will explain how hip movements can be maximized by the support of your legs, the details and differences between turns, and also how to improve the quality of our turns. This is the perfect workshop for those who wish to improve their body control and add that extra dynamic touch into their movements.


Advanced  / Technique / $90

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Ahmed Elswify  l  FRI  l  9.30 - 11.30am WST

Essential Arabic for Dancers & Performers: Interpreting Music Through Linguistic Keys & Arabic body language & Egyptian culture. Expand your understanding and comfort with Arabic language and gestures so you have the skills you’ll need to rock Arabic music like a natural! 
In this workshop we will learn how to gesture and use cultural body language appropriately, curate an ear for regional dialects and historical information, identify the overall mood or emotional states of Arabic songs, recognize who the song is sung by, to, or about and why this is important; studying linguistic keywords and phrases to help you understand Arabic songs. Assess if the lyrics harmonize or conflict with the instrumentation

Professor Ahmed Elswify will be streamed live into the Studio from Cairo. Meet Ahmed here:

Arabic word of the day - I want/need.

Arabic word of the day - I love you.

Open / Seminar / $45

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Tara Yasmin  l  FRI  l  9.30  - 11.30am WST

Introduction to Neo-Andalusi Dance: Technique and combos    Neo-Andalusi dance is an evocative and contemporary approach to dancing on mwashahat, a poetic form created in al-Andalus (8th-15th Century Spain). Pioneered by Nesma, neo-Andalusi dance provides a framework to explore the movement of oriental dance in new and creative ways. In this workshop you will learn about the background and history of neo-Andalusi dance, where it aligns and extends on Reda technique, unpack core movements and combinations before wrapping these up in a short choreography. Whether you want to learn a more neo-Andalusi dance and mwashahat, explore new approaches to movement and musicality, train elegant arms and turns, or if you are just a bit of a dance nerd and want to swan around pretending to be in Medieval Spain, this workshop is for you! Dance shoes recommended.

Internediate  / Technique  /  $45

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Kadia  l  FRI  l  12.30 - 2.30pm WST

This workshop will contain a lyrical choreography with touches of modern elements. This style of dance perfectly illustrates the contrast of movement and emotion. After a brief video introduction to Arabic lyrical dance, we will be using the turns learned in the Technique workshop, and exploring useful ideas on musical interpretation, movement connections and transitions. Most importantly, we will be combining expression of emotion and creating our own story.

Intermediate/Advanced / Choreography / $90

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Zahraa  l  FRI  l  12.30 - 2.30pm WST

In this workshop we explore the many forms of shimmies - 3/4 shimmies - basic 3/4, walking 3/4, walking non 3/4 (yes a deviation!), and then we add little tweaks and variations to maximise our repertoire, occasionally heading back in time to the classics. Bring a sense of humour for this fun class!

Open / Technique  / $45

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Becky  l  FRI  l  12.30 - 2.30pm WST

Bring your sense of play, pose and have a go attitude. Through an elemental lens of water and fire...maybe creating a little steam. Becky will take a generous handful of moves and combos from the Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance/GCTB format, add a dash of duets and triplets and stir you all together with improvisation to bring out the beauty of your tribal spirit.

Open / Technique / $45

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Alma  l  FRI  l  3-5pm WST

Learn this classic Lebanese dance to a famous Lebanese song. Use some of these moves to incorporate into your bellydance routines. As this fun and high energy style incorporates some fancy footwork, dance shoes that are supportive must be worn (sneakers are fine and work well).


Open / Choreography  /  $45

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Jordan Galliott  l  FRI  l  3-5pm WST

Transnational Fusion is a style of belly dance that combines the movements of belly dance with the qualities of other dance forms such as flamenco and hip hop. This dance is slick, powerful and creates space for beautifully intricate isolations.
In Heart of Fusion you will learn some foundational posture and movements as well as a series of original combinations that are influenced by the styles Rachel Brice, Ashley Lopez and Mardi Love. Each combination is designed to highlight the statuesque, serpentine and otherworldly qualities of fusion belly dance and introduce the dancer to essential qualities of the style. Understanding the heart and basic nature of fusion dance allows you to embody the style and dance it with confidence.

Open / Technique  /  $45

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Laila  l  FRI  l  3 - 5pm WST

Learn a fun and playful mejence choreography to  Rakset Nelli a 70's Egyptian composition by Ali Srour for legendary dancer Nelli Fouad. The twangy guitar , reverberant organ and punchy syncopated precussion inspire a choreography based on the feeling, style and movements of Egyptian Raks Sharqi of the 70's. The choreography will be broken down step by step with context, inspiration and history of music explained, along with a breakdown of the musical piece and discussion about the general structure and themes of mejence's from this time period. 
Please bring a veil.

Open / Choreography  / $45


Friday 3 June  l  Doors open 7pm, dancing from 8pm.

Travel through a richly textured landscape of delights from the Middle East, Turkey, India and more in this exploration of local and interstate talent. Performances from bellydance schools and soloists from all over Australia.
Doors open 7.00pm for an 8pm start. Unallocated seating.
Performers in this show do not require a ticket.
$30 adult  l  $15 Kids 6-12yrs

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Kadia  l  SAT  l  9.30am - 11.30am WST

This is a must for lovers of Egyptian style. This workshop will contain a Saiidi choreography with the stick (assaya). After a brief video introduction to Saiidi dance, we will start with basic technique and using the assaya to prepare your body for Saiidi. Through a choreography we will learn to capture the essence of this style, and how to express the masculinity of this style without losing our feminine side.  

Intermediate / Choreography  /  $90

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Katia  l  SAT  l  9.30am - 11.30am WST

Are you on Team Choreography or Team Group Improv? These seem like very different games, but there are several aspects in which one can complement the other. In this workshop you will learn and develop some tricks about group improv that can be adapted into your next choreography, and how choreographic techniques can support your group improvisation!
Let’s support both teams - everyone wins!

Open / Technique /  $45

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Michelle  l  SAT  l  9.30am - 11.30am WST

Bollywood Dandiya 

Join me to learn a playful Dandiya inspired Bollywood choreography. It’s an energetic, colourful dance celebrating togetherness and the triumph of good over evil. We use the playful, rhythmic striking of decorated sticks or hands to recreate the epic battle between goddess and demon. All levels welcome.  

Open level  /  Choreography  /  $45

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Kadia  l  SAT  l 12.30 - 2.30pm WST

Shaabi style is playful, flirtatious and a bit ‘cheeky,' with a strong folkloric influence. After a brief video introduction to Egyptian Shaabi dance, we will be exploring various techniques that are key to this style. Then we will learn a choreography to better understand this style of dance. 


Intermediate  / Choreography /  $90

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Emily  |  SAT  |  12.30 - 2.30pm WST

Want to add a wow factor to your performance? In this workshop you will not only learn a few of Emily’s personal favourite jumps, drops and falls and how to work them into your choreography but also how to perform them safely! Part of this workshop also involves strength and conditioning so please bring sneakers and wear clothes appropriate to workout in (*workout suitable to all levels with technique and skills being main priority).

Open level / Technique / $45

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Xaeda  l  SAT  l  12.30 - 2.30pm WST

Chrysalis is an emotive veil workshop that evolves from combinations into a beautiful choreography. This short but sweet dance can be used as a lovely interlude or a stunning entry piece. Just as a butterfly dances softly on a light breeze, your veil will rise and fall to create a stunning display of silk that will capture a moment in time.

Song: Scheherazade  1:40  Artist: Paul Dinletir

Please bring a veil (silk if possible) and a light heart.

Open / Choreography  /  $45

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Rose  |  SAT  | 3pm - 5pm WST

The beauty of the Oud, -  to the musician it allows unique freedom to play vast range of maqams and modes, to the dancer it allows freedom of interpretation and emotive expression. Be transported back to basics then elevated to the complexities of dancing to this unique instrument, live and unrestricted, with master musician Michael Edleby. Technique and choreography will be covered in this workshop.


Intermediate level / Technique/Choreography /  $45

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Claire  l  SAT  l  3pm - 5pm WST

Connect mind and body through dance. Drawing on inspiration of temple dances from across Hindi culture and fundamental Middle Eastern Dance mechanics, combining breath with strength and fluidity...
Amethyst Temple Fusion, is a format of dance developed by Claire, yet continually evolving. You will learn a series of beautiful combinations (such as Gaia, Naga, Luna and Ganesh) that may be used in a improvised style (with cues) or added to your own choreography.

Intermediate / Technique / $45

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Rachel Bond  l  SAT  l  3pm - 5pm WST

Over the past 2 years, we've all done a lot of learning online... and thank goodness we could. Now we can finally come together again, let's remind ourselves to dance TOGETHER, not in separate boxes! 

This workshop is all about (re-)connecting with fellow dancers to make magic on stage as a group. Specifically, we'll have fun creating all kinds of shapes, then turning, flipping, twisting and rearranging them! Starting with foundation patterns (Vs, chevrons, circles, various lines), let's uncover the keys to maintaining your position in the group so that you support one another in a cohesive whole. Explore fancier staging elements and transitions like alternations, ripples and cross-throughs, as well as the passionflower, flocks of birds and more. Oriental dance is inherently a social interaction, so let's make sure it retains that core character even when we perform on stage. 

This class is for anyone who is or wants to be part of a group / troupe (or runs one) - or anyone who just misses being part of something bigger than themselves. Oriental, folkloric, fusion, any style of dancer is welcome. It'll build your spatial awareness, spark loads of ideas for your next show, and give you that endorphin high from being super connected to your fellow dancers. You can't do this on Zoom!!
Please bring a veil.

Open Level / Technique  $45

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Board your flying carpet for the main Gala event - El Leila Helwa (a beautiful night). Featuring performances from our stunning guest artist Kadia, WAMED Festival workshop teachers and amazing troupes and soloists.
Doors open 7.00pm for an 8pm start. Unallocated seating.
Performers in this show do not require a ticket.
$40 adults  l  $15 Kids 6-12yrs

Saturday 4 June  l  Doors open 7pm, dancing from 8pm.


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Claire  l  SUN  l  9.30 - 11.30am WST

A beautiful original choreography by Claire, suitable for soloists or adaptable for troupes. Participants will require their own pair of silk fan veils.

This choreography is suitable for dancers of intermediate level and above, some experience with fans is recommended. Claire will guide you through some of her favourite fan techniques and tips for working with these beautiful dance props.

Please bring a pair of 1.5m fan veils (must have a left and right).

Intermediate / Technique / $45

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Kiri Lerch  l  SUN  l  9.30am - 11.30am WST

In this unique workshop you will develop skills and techniques to add to your dancing 'tool box'. Whether you want to polish a crowd-wowing choreography, feel more confident with improvisation, or wish to add more skills to your dance repertoire, Constructing Contrast is the workshop for you. 
A logical and structured framework, along with some exploration drills and short combos, will be used to demystify movement choices, help creativity flow and build presence and projection.
Suitable for all styles of dance and all levels of dancer, there is something for everyone and all are welcome.


Open  / Technique / $45

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Xaeda  l  SUN  l  9.30am - 11.30am WST

The Queen of Crowns workshop is about all things that sparkle. Xaeda will lead you on a creative journey through the creation of your own masterpiece. Based on the cable tie technique, your crown will glisten with metallic lace, exotic findings and shimmering rhinestones. Once you have chosen the size and colour of your base kit, Xaeda will do all of the hard work for you by pre-creating your crown base, allowing you to freely decorate and enjoy your time during the workshop. Once you have completed your alluring creation Xaeda is available for performance tips and tricks, crown care and how to develop your own artistic endeavors.
Please choose your own adventure. Base colour: Black, Silver or Gold. Base kits: Small $35 , Medium $45, Large $55.

Small kits : 10cm hign, 30cm wide, Medium kits: 14cm high and 38cm wide, Large kits: 18cm high and 46cm wide
All glues, extra materials, tools and shiny things are included in the cost of the workshop and the base kit. Base kits are made before the festival commences. Please book early to avoid disappointment. (A small number of kits will be available for purchase on the day). For those wishing to order additional kits and those purchasing the Festival Package, please order your kits here.


Open / Costuming / $45 + cost of base kit.

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Kadia  l  SUN  l  12.30 - 2.30pm WST

This workshop will teach you about Baladi through a choreography. After a brief video introduction, we will learn the earthy, juicy hip movements and techniques that are the essence of Baladi. This session will give you the tools and inspiration to set you on your way to confidently perform a Baladi piece.

Open / Choreography / $90

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Zahara  l  SUN  l  12.30 - 2.30pm WST

Intricate isolations, together with hip drills you will move your body in new and wonderful ways.

Studying planes of movement and movement mechanics/biomechanics we will put the science into our movements.

This is a technique class great for intermediate and advanced dancers.


Intermediate Level / Technique /  $45

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Becky  l  SUN  l  12.30 - 2.30pm WST

Got moves and combos under your tassle belt? Wanting to refine, build your dance and use of space?   In this technique and experimental workshop we explore bringing your voice and expression into the movements to connect and deepen your emotive and energetic qualities within Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance/GCTB style.


Open / Technique / $45

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Kadia  l  SUN  l  3pm - 5pm WST

Khaleeji is one of Kadia's favorite dance styles as the essence of this dance is very feminine and strong while honoring the noble Khaleeji traditions. After a brief video introduction, we will start with basic Khaleeji techniques, because this dance style is very different from other belly dance styles. We will be focusing on the use of neck movements, Khaleeji footwork, arms, as well as hair flips. We will then put these movements into practice through learning a choreography.

Open Level / Choreography / $90

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Raven  l  SUN  l  3 - 5pm WST

Empowered Elegance: Posture, Arms and Hands for ATS, GC and other styles formerly known as Tribal.


Would you like to embody a stronger sense of empowerment and strength in your dance while also staying true to the grace and beauty of each move? Raven will show you basic strategies for maintaining the integrity of your moves through posture, arm and hand positioning, use of visualisation and energy. Then she’ll offer personalised solutions to assist you in honing the postures of particular moves you’re having trouble with in whatever your chosen (Tribal) dance form is.  As ATS/FCBD style is the original and foundational Tribal style, you’ll come away with a grounding in the basic postures of this form which you’ll be able to incorporate into your particular style.


You’ll be invited to contribute to this troubleshooting workshop, by choosing 2 or 3 moves you’d like to hone. Raven will work with individuals and groups, offering tailored solutions so you can feel more confident and increasingly empowered in your dance.


Open / Technique  $45

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Sarafina  l  SUN  l  3pm - 5pm WST

Want to learn more facials than the “Smiling Nellie” or “Resting B!tch Face”? Then this is the workshop for you! Facial expressiveness can add a whole other dimension to your performance and give you a greater level of confidence and security in the character you’re presenting. In this workshop we’ll learn how to authentically choreograph your facials, so they don’t feel forced, and character develop/storyboard your performance. We’ll discuss Troupe vs Solo facials and what’s appropriate. You’ll learn 3 choreography snippets with facial expressions included to a cheeky drum solo, emotional Tarab and a fun Shaabi. I can’t wait to say WTF with you ;)
See my workshop snapshot here.


Open Level / Technique /  $45


Sunday 5 June  l  Doors open 6pm

Wind down from a truly fabulous festival with some scrumptious food, sprinkled with a few delectable performances and get to know some of our captivating artists.
Doors open at 6pm for a 6.30pm start. DJ Phat Gaffa from 7.30pm.
Performers in this show do not require a ticket.
$20 adult  l  $10 Kids 6-12yrs

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Alma Sarhan | MON| 10am-12pm


Strike a Pose
Learn to be more comfortable in front of a photographer and learn the classic poses for a bellydance shoot. Alma (an amazing dancer herself) will show you how to perform in front of the lens. Come in full makeup/hair and a costume.  This workshop will be offered at Alma's South Fremantle Photographic Studio. Accessible by public transport.

Open level / Photoshoot / $45

*Due to the interactive nature of this workshop, this workshop is not available through Zoom.

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Monday 6 June  l  Doors open 11am - 3pm

Wrap up the festival with Bellydanee Christmas! A fabulous market Bazaar to buy treasures and trinkets, pamper items, costumes and all-day performances!
Doors open 11am. $5 entry.