WAMED Festival 2021 Teachers

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2021 Guest Artist

We are delighted to introduce this year's Master Teacher for WAMED 2021 - Muse - Esmeralda Colabone!

Esmeralda has been an Arabic dancer, master teacher and choreographer since 1999.
Born in Brazil, Esmeralda left her hometown at the age of 19 to live and dance in Arab countries after being selected by Omar and Olga Naboulsi from Belly Dance Brazil to join the cast of "La Maison de L'Artiste" from Lebanon - the most prestigious entertainment agency of the Middle East at that time. For 12 years, Esmeralda lived, studied and danced in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Tunisia, Morocco, Algiers, Syria and Lebanon.
Esmeralda has been travelling around the world since 2012 and is considered one of the leading figures in the Belly Dance community today.

Due to the pandemic, Esmeralda is unable to travel to WA, so her masterclass workshops will be live streamed into the workshop venue.

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Ali Sarhan

Lebanese Cooking Class

Ali Sarhan ran the famous Cedar Tree in Fremantle for over 10 years and before that started Ireland’s first Lebanese restaurant- you guessed it- The Cedar Tree (which his brother now runs).
The secret to good Lebanese cuisine is that it must be freshly prepared and cooked and now you
too you can learn to prepare your own Lebanese dishes in Ali’s easy to follow classes. Ali’s passion
for food started early in Lebanon as he watched his mother cooking fresh food every day and he still uses the recipes he learned at an early age today.

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Alma Sarhan

Strike a Pose

Alma Sarhan’s photography needs no introduction as she is one of the top dance bellydance photographers in the country. Her work was a regular feature in Bellydance Oasis Magazine and she has photographed the WAMED concerts for many years. Alma has also been a bellydance performer and teacher for 30 years and was a finalist in the Fremantle International Portrait Prize in 2017 with one of her dance photographs. Her work featured in The Art of Bellydance exhibition as part of WAMED Festival 2019. 
She is a Fremantle-based artist and advertising art director. She specialises in photographing dancers (in particular belly dancers), musicians and cats. 
Alma is a graduate of the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland

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Amanda PB

Calling the Elements

Amanda PB from APB Dance has been studying dance for the past 12 years. She loves experimenting with emotions and experiences to get different feelings out of her audiences.

Through her personal studies at the Salimpour School, she works on developing this aspect of her dance to the fullest, alongside improving her technique and developing awesome bad-ass-dancer skills.

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Goddess Glitch

Based on the Gold Coast, Aradia has over 39 years of dance experience with a wealth of knowledge from dance around the world. This Industrial Icon is a passionately intense performer and dedicated teacher with a thirst for challenging the body/mind and breaking boundaries. An unconventional dancer, teacher and performer, she is always challenging the understanding of movement.

After studying bio-mechanics, dance, choreography and a career spanning over 35 years of dance of many styles, Aradia has integrated her learnings and musings into her own style ~ Industrial Bellydance.  Aradia is the founder of Spellbound Bellydance and the dance-inspired fitness program HumanFusion®.

Part cyborg, part goddess, part lover, part Mother, Aradia strives to leave her audience as well as her students curious, spellbound and hungry for more.

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VaVaVoom Stage Presence

Belyssa, a fearless teacher/performer/mentor, focuses on stage excellence. She relishes attention to detail to instill a unique determination in each dancer.Why be good when you can be GREAT !

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Chelsey Fawcett

Haram Film Event Presenter

Chelsey is an accomplished freelance creator working as a director, playwright, dramaturg, and
choreographer. She has taught physical theatre across Canada and Australia. Chelsey is an award-winning animation director (Telus Storyhive) for her work on Noonright (2015). She was nominated for Director of the Year from the Calgary Critter awards for her work on The Basement Boys (2014) Theatre BSMT. 
Chelsey will be working on the Canadian and European tour of Inanna as a dramaturg and dancer
in 2021. Her dance dramaturgy can be seen in her next belly dance show Inanna in Toronto at the
end of November 2021, where narrative and dance collide to tell this ancient tale. 
Chelsey is a graduate of the University of Windsor’s Drama department and recently graduated
with her Masters in Directing from the University of Ottawa. A published playwright, and
seasoned belly dancer. Chelsey fuses her dance performances with narrative, opening up for
expression of the artistic voice which pushes the boundaries of what belly dance can be. Her one-
woman belly dance show Haram debuted in September of 2020 with the UpRoar Festival in
Ottawa and will be touring in 2022 across Canada. The pandemic led to Haram being produced
as a short theatrical experimental film which she is delighted to share with you today.

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Emily Rose

Red Hot Drum Solo

Emily is a long time member of the bellydance community in Perth and is the owner and teacher of Bellydance with Emily based in Rockingham. As a personal trainer with a Cert III and IV in Fitness, Emily places a high value on technique and safe dance practices and enjoys drilling movement and technique as well as breaking moves and skills down into their simplest form. Emily lives by the motto “the day you think you know it all is the day you should quit” and believes there is always more to learn and always ways to improve. 

Nothing makes Emily want to shimmy more than the sound of a tabla and over the years Emily has dedicated herself to studying and learning as much as she can about Arabic rhythms and dance techniques as well as experimenting with performance skills to create fun, fresh and exciting choreographies!

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Emily Farrugia

What the heck is Mahraganat?

Emily Esme Farrugia, of Maltese Australian heritage, heads the vanguard of rising stars in Middle Eastern dancing in Australia.
By the age of 20, Emily's accomplishments in the art have been truly staggering, receiving not only national recognition for her dedication to ongoing learning, but also multiple international awards for her captivating performances in Egypt. She performs regularly around the Brisbane area as well as interstate and internationally.

Emily first discovered Mahragnant style dancing via a video some of her Egyptian's friends shared with her. Fascinated by the weird and quirky movements and the memories it brought of her days in hip-hop classes, she decided to study this style on her next trip to Egypt. What better way to learn this style than with the local kids of Cairo. Learning technique and movements wasn't enough for her though, she needed to know all the ins and outs of this styles, the do's, the don'ts, where it came from, the music, everything. Emily is passionate about sharing this workshop with fellow dancers in Australia because often getting accurate information is difficult due language barrier, cost of travel and distance to Egypt 

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The Five Personas of Sword Dance

A known devotee of seemingly sharp objects, Jilyan has been induced out of hiding to share the delight that a sword (or two) can bring to your dance. There are those who remember Jilyan’s sword performances over two decades of dance, some even remember WA’s first double-sword troupe debut at the Quarry Amphitheatre or performances and workshops in WAMEDs past.

Whether it’s glittering Egyptian, earthy Tribal or anything in between … find out why the answer is always MORE SWORDS.

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Karen Davey

 Headwraps for every dancer

Dancing is my life. Over 9 years of dancing feeds both my creativity and my soul. Headwraps  extend the costumes I wear. I wear headwraps for dancing with a sword, and a basket and just because I love to play with colour and fabric. Every time I create, it’s a surprise to the outcome. I even wear them out if it fits the occasion. Come join me on this journey.

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Laura Entwined

Serpentine Alchemy

Laura Entwined aka Entwined Bellydance is a Queensland-born, Melbourne-based yoga and trans-national fusion bellydance teacher, performer, choreographer and troupe director. Laura has been studying the art of bellydance aka dances from the MENAHT (Middle East, North Africa, Hellenic and Turkish cultures), along with Classical Indian dance, contemporary styles and yoga for more than 15 years, and with more than 40 teachers world-wide.  Laura has graced the stages of some of Australia's biggest music and lifestyle festivals, and also performed in NZ, Indonesia and the USA. 
Never one to be pigeon-holed, her work has been called elegant, unique, hypnotic, empowering, captivating and inspiring.
As a dedicated student of dance, Laura Entwined has mastered numerous dance props to take her dance next level, such as fan veils, fire fans, palm candles, Isis wings, balance sword, veil and much more!

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Lorralei of Mandragora

Toxicity - A Gothic Saidi

Lorralei, of Mandragora, has her passion firmly rooted in gothic and experimental fusion styles of belly dance. Known for her powerful stage presence and continued experimentation of the theatrical. She pushes the dimensions of emotional expression. A teacher at Belly Dance Amethyst, she specialises in teaching gothic and fusion styles. She firmly believes dance is for every body, and believes in inclusive and respect of all bodies/identities in dance.

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Lucia Aran

Empowering the soul through mindfulness and dance

Lucía Aran is a teacher, choreographer and Egyptian style oriental dancer currently based in Sydney Australia. She has been dancing for more than 18 years and is fully in love with Egyptian style because it is earthy, grounded, and full of feelings. Lucia is also a neuroscientist with a specialization in emotional intelligence and a teacher of mindfulness. Recently she has been developing programs combining neuroscience, mindfulness, and dance to boost people's confidence and self-esteem to increase wellbeing levels.

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Magharita Galal

Mining for Gold

Margaret founded Brisbane's 'Soul Dance School of Middle Eastern and Romany Dance' in 2002 and is a passionate, sensitive and thorough researcher and teacher who seeks out the source of the dances she teaches enabling her to deliver correct, definitive instruction and insight to her students.  Margaret has been researching the beautiful Golden Era genre for the last 3 years culminating in a study tour in November, 2019, to Cairo to take part in the 'Golden Era On Location' intensive with master teachers undertaking music, history, language and dance technique studies dissecting the Golden Era of Egyptian dance (1930s-1950s).  She has created a comprehensive and unique "Going For Gold: The Golden Era Project"- a six week study intensive to bring the gifts of the Golden Era to Australia.  Margaret has distilled a small portion of the golden magic for her workshop at WAMED in 2021.  You can read more about her Golden Era studies here;- http://www.souldance.com.au/events/golden-era/

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Bollywood Blitz

Michelle loves all forms of dancing and has been bellydancing for over 15 years. She has travelled to Egypt, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan and has trained with a variety of master teachers in order to expand and develop her knowledge and technique. Michelle particularly enjoys exploring the unique regional styles of the Silk Road from the Middle East into Central Asia and beyond. Michelle regularly teaches Bellydance, Bollywood and Persian dance. Michelle is a polished performer with an infectious energy who has been placed in competitions both nationally and in Asia. Michelle is a regular performer in Perth and founder of the popular Bollywood Dhamaka! performance troupe known for high energy entertainment.

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Natalie Diggins

Playing the Symbols: 3 Easy Steps to Creating Choreography

Natalie is an award-winning, specialist Drama and movement educator, production manager, and certified Language of Dance® Master Practitioner. She is co-director of WAMED Festival.

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Nina Martinez

Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance Format

Nina Martinez is a Master Teacher in the Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance format. She has been studying with international dance teacher and founder of GCTB® Paulette Rees Denis since 2006. Nina started her Teacher Training in Melbourne with Paulette in 2006 and has now attained her certification to instruct teachers-MT TT1. She has also reached her accreditation to teach students to Collective Soul 5-MT5.
As a master teacher and performer this dance style has taken her around Australia and internationally to, NZ, Japan, USA and Mexico. Since 2014 she has been honoured to teach workshops and dance at WAMED, Fremantle, what a fabulous festival to be part of!
Through her workshops and Collective Soul instruction Nina has gained the reputation as a generous, patient teacher with a commitment in creating community and sisterhood. As a performer she is known for her elegant style and goddess presence.

Although Nina’s main dance passion has been GCTB, she has studied and been influenced by many amazing teachers, including, Terezka, Rachel Brice, Amel Tafsout, Carolena Nericcio, Kajira, Colleena and Devi Mamuk. Nina is inspired by the passion of Flamenco, the grace of Indian classical dance, folkloric circles and pagan rituals.

A Tribal dancer draws on originality and flair for her dance and costume. She is mindful of not appropriating directly from, imitating or offending another’s cultural values.

Our "Tribal style" came into being with Bal Anat and Jamila Salimpour in the 1970's, drawing on ethnic costumes and movements Jamila fused new and old to create a new dance form. FCBD and GC refined and embellished this costume idea in the 1990's , with GC really taking my heart with their beautiful colourful aesthetic. Rachel Brice further changed our idea of tribal style with her pared down glamour and elegance from the mid 2000's. So much beauty on that timeline! I like to take inspiration from textiles, this collective dance history and ethnic adornment to recreate my own unique style.

I have been drawn to the magical elements: fire, water, earth and air since I was a child. How these elements govern our life, the products of alchemy they create. Dance has taught me to celebrate our circles, that there is an ancient wisdom as we step in time to the beat. To look to the stars for guidance. I have been studying ritual for more than 20 years, and hope to bring that sense of honouring ourselves, the connection with others through music and dance.

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Slinky Baladi

Phynia is an award winning belly dancer and Drama teacher from Fremantle, Western Australia. Her personal style embodies a mixture of both classical and contemporary belly dance through her unique use of dynamic movement and musical nuances, juxtaposed with gracefulness and fluidity. Her sense of rhythm and theatrics is evident through her love of drum solos, rock and roll music and highly intricate musical compositions. Her playfulness and warmth in her interactions with her audience and students alike, make her a highly sought after performer and teacher in Australia and when Phynia dances, her passion and love for performing radiates through to her audience. 

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Princess Fee

Enter The Underworld - Zyama Goddess Format

Princess Fee hails from WA and describes herself as ridiculously eclectic. After a thorough grounding in the Egyptian and Turkish roots of bellydance, and brief but heady flirtation with Black Sheep Tribal, Princess Fee has branched out to devour the deliciousness of several fusion styles, such as gothic and steampunk. She produces three fabulous troupes in Perth WA, the Sayyida troupe for all your bellydance needs, and if your moods tend a little darker, the BellySlink troupe and the Ruffles of Doom. With a strong emphasis on safe dance practice, a hunger to learn new things, a passion for sharing her love of dance and a healthy taste for shenanigans, Princess Fee is looking forward to ruffling things up at WAMED 2021!! 

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Prue Schafferius

Introduction to safe dance practices with The Dance Safe Project

Prue has a lifetime of experience in the dance world, with 20 of those years working as a professional in the Bellydance industry. With a Diploma of Dance Teaching as well as in Pilates Movement Therapy, she has combined her knowledge, experience and qualifications, to create The Dance Safe Project; an education resource in safe dance practices and injury prevention for Bellydancers worldwide!

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Rachel Bond

Stick 4 Ways

Rachel Bond is the principal of Inspire Bellydance, Sydney’s largest bellydance school, now celebrating its 12th anniversary. She believes that bellydance is primarily about sharing joy: whether through helping women connect to their bodies and find their creativity, or bringing smiles to the faces of audience members. As a teacher, Rachel focuses on making the dance accessible without sacrificing technical prowess and cultural relevance. Within the dance community she is known for being highly educated in Egyptian dance in particular, having studied both Oriental and folklore styles for many years. Rachel is excited to share her rich knowledge of Egyptian dances with anybody who takes an interest.

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A Year with the Goddess: a journey through the senses!

A 3 year project in the making... of melding all my passions together encompassing a sensorial journey and  creating a "Goddess Category" of moves  for GCTB and Tribal fusion dancers.

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Rhythm is a Dancer

Vittorina is an oriental dancer from Melbourne and began her belly dance journey in January 2007. Since then, Vittorina has performed at many significant Melbourne Arts Events and festivals, including performances in Sydney, Perth, and New York City. After participating in drumming classes Vittorina began to understand rhythms and see them in a different way which helped her in her performances and choreography. Vittorina’s biggest interest in belly dance is the music and how the body emulates the rhythm.

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The Art of Swing Sway and Spin

Zabelle discovered Belly dance in 1999 after many years teaching Ballroom and Latin American dance sport.  The Art of movement is her true passion the how and why? Ballroom dance is all about the swing and the sway of two people working together synchronised unity. This is where the continuation to learn understand and create a system to pass to all dancers.
With an unchained passion for Bellydance and have had the most incredible lessons and met world class instructors of the 20 years for this she remains truly grateful.  The Art of movement is her true passion the how and why? First lessons in Bellydance were given in a gymnasium setting for different companies. From 2001 Zabelle had begun classes for local community and council world class roller skaters. Prestigious consulate events and a gracious time teaching a cast in an opera. The art and evolution of Bellydance is ever changing and Zabelle remains true to the art of Bellydance.

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Siren to She’Bangs Shaabi

For the last 20+ Years I have been studying a variety of dance styles, safe dance techniques and fitness/personal training ideology’s. My passion is not only my family and own personal dance journey it is being able to be a part of my students journey young and old and having the privilege to inspire them to strive towards their dreams. I found a new passion for bellydance with Belyssa from the Belyssa Academy of Dance Orientale. I then continued my own studies in Middle Eastern Dance by attending training & workshops with the likes of Liza Laziza, Tito and Kazafy, Randa Kamel, Hossam Abdel Ghany, Farida Fahmy (to name a few) all from Egypt, Jillina Carlino (Bellydance Evolution) Ozgen (Turkish Romany International sensation) Rose Ottiviano, Alma Sarhan, Jrisi, Lorna of Cairo and many more.  I founded Zahara Dance Company and have performed throughout the state, nationally and internationally. 

I am committed to providing a safe and positive environment in which all students can feel empowered, comfortable and free to express themselves and follow their dreams to be the best they can be….