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Fri 31 May 2024 l 12.30 - 2.30pm

Before Raqs Sharqi - Recreating the Past; Awalim Technique and Aesthetic
The Awalim are a class of professional urban dance entertainers that have been based in Cairo and the Delta region of Egypt since the late 19th century. They provided traditional entertainment at weddings and other celebrations of the urban lower and middle classes before being incorporated onto the stages of Cairo’s entertainment halls as well as into Egyptian cinema. The Awalim dance style is often quite raw and energetic, earthy and grounded with a very low centre of gravity. It is often considered a precursor to modern Raqs Sharki. In this workshop we will explore the fundamental movements that comprise Awalim style, its aesthetic and musical accompaniment. While Awalim dance is entirely improvisational, we will create some combinations to show the movements in context with era specific music.
Finger cymbals are optional, but helpful! Please bring something to balance, like a small packet of rice ~500g. Balancing this during technique drills will aid in grounding our movements lower into the body.
Open level / Technique

24FRI2B - Recreating the Past; Awalim Technique with Johara

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