Our Sponsors

The WAMED Festival Team extends our deepest gratitude to the fantastic sponsors of WAMED Festival 2020!

We would like to welcome back (with much appreciation in our hearts) Alma Sarhan Photography, Perth Bellydance & Bollywood Entertainment, Bellydance Central Grande Bazaar, Gypsyrain Tribal Bellydance and Bazaar, Bespoke Bindis and other Accoutrements, The Shamanic Healing Way by Raven, Belly Dance with Zabelle, Short Fuse Speakers Repairs and Princess Fee Bellydance. 


Our team are also very excited to welcome our newest sponsors to the WAMED family – The Creative Department, Adelaide Bellydance Festival, IOBDF (International Orientalicious Bellydance Festival), Soul of Egypt Tour, Emily Farrugia Bellydance and Desert Shadow.


An extra special thanks goes out to Alma at The Creative Department who is the mastermind behind all our spectacular WAMED Festival 2020 artwork. We are truly grateful!

Please click on the images of our sponsors to be directed to their dedicated websites or Facebook pages and support the businesses that support our amazing community.

Interested in becoming a WAMED Sponsor - click here to register your interest! 

Alma Sarhan Photography
Perth Bellydance & Bollywood
The Creative Department
Adelaide Belly Dance Festival
IOBDF - Penang Malaysia
WAMED Soul of Egypt Tour 2021 Revised
Emily Farrugia Bellydance
Desert Shadow
Awaken the Dancer Tour 2021 Revised
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Belly Dance with Zabelle
Gypsyrain Tribal Bellydance & Bazaar
Raven Sound & Energy Therapy
Princess Fee Bellydance
Bespoke Bindis
Short Fuse Speaker Repairs
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