2023 Teachers


Applications are open now! Applications close 5pm Thursday the 15th of December 2022.

We are asking all aspiring WAMED teachers to reflect on the theme for 2023 - Ghazal - The Poetry of Dance and work that inspiration into your workshop offering for 2023.

Not sure what to teach this year? Some of the suggestions from the attendees are: Mejance, Drum Solo, Baladi, Muwashahat, Poi, Dabke, advanced hip techniques, hands and arms, shaabi, saiidi, drumming, makeup, costuming, safe dance practices, managing back pain for dancers, lyrical bellydance, tarab, tribal fusion, persian dance, dancer health (body conditioning, pilates, nutrition, fascia. body connectivity), FCBD combos, tribal floor patterns, performance prep, Zyama, swords of all styles, folkloric styles, Turkish Rom, props and toys .....

Keep them coming!