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Sat 1 June 2024 l 9.30 - 11.30am

Take yourself back to what caught your eye, moved your body, lead you to journey into Global Caravan Dance style within the diverse and evolving world of bellydance.    What did and does it evoke for you? What settled into your heart and where has it taking you? Let's come together, share in joyous, heart felt, slow, smoldering burn to fiery deliciousness together.    We will explore tapping into your heartsong, bringing together the power of intergrating your feminine and masculine aspects and more appreciation for your voice in a reflective celebration of dance.   How?  Grab your savvy how-to skills using moves, combos and floor patterns from the GC format you know.  Expand and explore some you might not be so familiar with lead, follow, flow between.  Then dive into the dance matrix with a little Becky alchemy.  Take what you need for your personal or class practice, choreography, creative inspiration or just get swept away for a while having come back to your heart of dance! Those new to Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance are welcome in this discovery and rediscovery of the heart.

Participant options: Bring something that inspires your dance or represents your love of dance (and no - you won't have to show and tell, you call the shots on this one!). Bring a skirt in case you feel inspired to draw from skirt work Bring your big, beautiful heart and whole self.
Open level / Technique 

24SAT1B - Dance it, journey it, back to the Heart with GC with Becky.

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