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COVID Frequently Asked Questions


Workshops will be provided in person in Fremantle unless there's a lockdown (or we're told not to gather in person). Then (and only then) we will deliver the workshop online. Refunds will only be available for cancelled workshops or events. So the festival will either be ALL in person, or ALL online.We are managing bookings to be able to cater to potential COVID restrictions (such as vaccination requirements, social distancing requirements, masks, hand sanitiser etc) and have committed to delivering these workshops to support your learning and development, as well as the financial livelihoods of our teachers. Thanks for supporting both WAMED and the teachers who grace us with their knowledge, talent and passion.

Will I need to be vaccinated?

No, according to current health directions, and to protect the other participants, you are encouraged to be vaccinated, but this is no longer mandatory to attend the festival. For more information and the specifics - please see the WA Department of Health FAQ.

What happens if there's a lockdown in WA?

All workshops will move online. No in-person workshops will be available. All teachers will teach from a secure location and be streamed via Zoom. Only a couple of workshops won't be available online (like Strike a Pose), so those will be cancelled.

Any event that is cancelled will be refunded minus a 10% handling fee. All but 3 workshops will be delivered online, so you'll just access them through the Program page. All workshops will have a Zoom facilitator to relay your questions and comments throughout the workshop and provide troubleshooting assistance.

PLEASE NOTE that refunds will not be offered if a workshop moves online. We committ to delivering you a workshop and if online delivery is possible, that's what we will do. 

What happens if I don't want to Zoom?

Please buy your tickets at the door on the day. If you purchase a ticket on the website, you will only be offered a refund if the event is cancelled - not if it moves online.

What if I'm travelling from interstate?

You may require a G2G pass to enter WA. Please keep a close eye on the health advice from both your home state and WA. Please contact the Committee if you require any support. 

Will the workshops be available online?

No - UNLESS in the event of a WA lockdown - see above.

Will the events be available online?

No, the events will be live-only. If the events are cancelled due to the pandemic, refunds will be offered.

Will the online workshops be recorded?

No. The workshops will only be streamed live IF necessary. Please note that all workshops will run at Perth local time - Australian Western Standard Time (UTC+8).

So what will I need to do?

To help protect the festival participants, WAMED recommends that you receive the COVID-19 vaccinations as appropriate to your situation, that you consider wearing a mask when indoors, that you socially distance from other dancers and swap the squeeze for a shimmy!

Please hand sanitise frequently.

Thank you for showing your care, respect and concern for your fellow festival participants!

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