Presenting our Guest Artists for 2020!!


It is with great pleasure we announce, that Cinzia Purificato will be our guest instructor for WAMED Festival 2020, Entwined, representing oriental and folklore.

Cinzia is an international bellydancer, teacher and choreographer from Italy, (recently relocating to Australia) and is appreciated for her power and charisma on the stage. Previously studying ballet, jazz and piano, in 2004, she fell in love with Oriental Dance and Folklore. Her style is refined and powerful, a blending of Arabic feeling and modernity. She teaches, judges and dances in many foreign countries, such as Spain, South Korea, Taiwan, Ukraine, Untied States and Egypt and performs and teaches in all the most prestigious Italian festivals. 

Cinzia has been teaching literature and foreign languages in Italy for many years and this has given her the chance to refine her teaching method and her empathy towards students from all over the world. Cinzia has been the Italian Champion twice, as well as the winner of all the most important Italian competitions, winning also the IDO World Cup in the folklore section in 2014. Now she trains many famous Italian dancers, helping them with competitions and performances. Cinzia runs her own Academy, the Badia Opera Academy through which she organises many events and shows.

Kae Montgomery 

It is with equally great pleasure we announce, that Kae Montgomery will be our guest instructor for WAMED Festival 2020, Entwined, representing ATS and Tribal Fusion.

Kae is a professional Tribal Style Belly Dance artist, yoga and fitness instructor based in the San Francisco, San Jose Bay Area. Since 2000 when she was first introduced to bellydancing, she’s been hooked and learned as much as she could through videos and DVDs while still living in Japan. Although she would consider herself an excellent student, she eventually needed to learn from the masters. So in 2007 she packed her dreams, determination and a bit of belongings into two suit cases and moved to San Francisco Bay Area, the mecca of Tribal Bellydance to study with the luminaries of this art form. Subsequently, she has taught and performed all over the US and in over 20 different countries. You can see some of her local and international performances on YouTube. Now she lives in East Palo Alto where she performs locally and teaches in local gyms and out of her lovely home studio. One of the greatest gifts dance affords all of us is a chance to connect. She loves turning a room full of spectators into participants. She loves sharing her passion with her hardworking students and seeing them not only improve their dance techniques but also gain confidence and a growing love for the dance. Going forward she will continue sharing her passion and continue connecting with the local community through events, classes, and performances.



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