Merhaba and welcome to the WAMED Festival Homepage!

We are in the planning stages for the 2021 Western Australian Middle Eastern Dance (WAMED) Festival in Fremantle, Western Australia and it's promising to be absolutely fabulous!

For background on the WAMED Festival please see our About page. We are blessed with a rich and glorious history and are now planning for our 22nd year!

What's the Festival going to look like?


Excellent question! During the shock of the worldwide pandemic of 2020 that caused most festivals to cancel, WAMED was the first international festival to move fully online with a workshop program and events delivered through an online platform. We delivered new knowledge, technique and the joy of dance from teachers all over the world, right to your screen.

We are planning for 2021 with a healthy dose of common sense and will be delivering a fabulous festival, whether it's the full-tilt in-person extravaganza that you are used to, with live workshops from local, interstate and international teachers, or a festival with workshops and performances delivered personally to you in the comfort of your own home, depending on what life throws at us in this year of change. We are planning for both eventualities and have gold-plated contingency plans based on our experiences in 2020. 

What's happening now?


Teacher applications have closed and the program is being prepared. We have some new and exciting workshops and events for you in 2021. Soon the program will be released and then it's time to book in and get excited!

What if I have questions?

You can email us at at any time, or keep an eye on our Facebook page and Insta to keep updated with the news as we prepare for this exciting and edifying festival!



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