Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the WAMED Festival in 2021?

Our venues are:

- The University of Notre Dame (32 Mouat St, Fremantle WA) for the major workshop venue.

- The Victoria Hall (179 High St, Fremantle) for the Eastern Odyssey Show, the El Leila Helwa

  Gala and the Grande Bazaar.

- The Navy Club (64 High St, Fremantle) for the Raqs Cafe

- Ali's Fremantle Kitchen in South Fremantle for Ali's Lebanese Cooking Demonstration.

- Alma's Fremantle Studio in South Fremantle for Alma's Strike a Pose Workshop.

                         Click this icon to download the 2021 Orientation Pack which gives you the low down

                          on all the WAMED goodness!

What are the events over the weekend?

Eastern Odyssey

This is a stage show featuring many of our workshop participants and teachers, bellydance troupes and soloists from WA and interstate. It is an eclectic mix of performers across many of the sub-genres of bellydance, such as graceful floating orientale, earthy and grounded tribal style, fiery drum solos, darker serpentine forms of fusion and energetic bollywood. The WAMED stage is one of the most prestigious available in WA, so all our performers being their best to display at this high-calibre festival.

El Leila Helwa

This is a glittering gala show featuring our workshop teachers and their troupes. All of the styles above are present in this polished showcase and features some of our most elite dance stars. It's also a great opportunity for those who haven't been to a bellydance show before to see the wide variety of styles included in this dance genre and there is truly something to delight everyone! 

Raqs Cafe

This is a lovely and relaxed evening as our participants wind down from a massive three days of workshops and stage shows. Held in the more intimate surrounds of the Navy Club, you can order dinner and drinks from the bar and enjoy some dance interviews, a few feature performances and hit the dance floor for a shake-it-out freedance boogie. A perfect way to spend the last evening of the festival.

Grande Bazaar

Bellydance Christmas! Join us back at the Victoria Hall bedecked in stalls featuring all the products you love, from costuming, craft supplies (for making costumes), props, jewellery and accessories, personal and pampering items and more! What's more, we feature three brackets of performances on the stage, so come to shop, stay to watch!

How can I buy tickets?

Online bookings have now closed.


Dancers and audience members in Freo - please buy your tickets at the door or at Festival Reception.

Distance Dancers (for Zoom workshops) - please email as soon as possible. Now the Festival is in operation, our availability is limited, so please give us as much notice as possible.

What happens if there's a lockdown?

Any event that is cancelled by the Committee will be refunded minus a 10% handling fee. All workshops (except 3) will be delivered online, so you'll just access them through the Program page. We are managing bookings to be able to cater to potential COVID restrictions (such as social distancing requirements, masks, hand sanitiser etc) and have committed to delivering these workshops to support your learning and development, as well as the financial livelihoods of our teachers. Thanks for supporting both WAMED and the teachers who grace us with their knowledge, talent and passion.

What if I'm travelling from interstate?

You will require a G2G pass to enter WA. Please keep a close eye on the health advice from both your home state and WA. Please contact the Committee if you require any support. 

Will the workshops be available online?

All but three workshops will be available online through Zoom. A few workshops are interactive in nature and so are not suitable for online streaming. Both the Workshops page and the booking system will note which workshops are available through Zoom.


We will be streaming our master teacher Esmeralda directly from her home studio in Brazil and so she can be streamed either directly to your device and projected into one of the studios at Notre Dame for those onsite.


The other workshops will be streamed from the workshop venue, so you'll have the same view as a normal in-person workshop.

All workshops will have a Zoom facilitator to relay your questions and comments throughout the workshop and provide troubleshooting assistance.

Will the events be available online?

No, the events will be live-only. If the events are cancelled due to the pandemic, refunds will be offered.

Will the online workshops be recorded?

No. The workshops will only be streamed live. Please note that all workshops will run at Perth local time - Australian Western Standard Time (UTC+8).

How do I access the online workshops on the day?

Go to the homepage or the Program page and each studio will have a corresponding Zoom button

About 5-10 minutes before your workshop - click on that button to enter the waiting room for that studio. Each workshop will start on time and PLEASE ensure that your Zoom guest name is the same as the name you booked under. Our Zoom facilitators will have a list of people who have paid to access that workshop and so if your Zoom name is "ipad" or "Ming the Merciless", you may not get granted entry. 


There will be an emergency line you can call - so if you're still in the Zoom waiting room at the time your workshop is starting, please call for assistance.

Please read the Zoom participant Guide attached here for the steps to follow to gain access

to your workshop.

What will my in-home workshop experience be?

If you are zooming in from home:

If your teacher is onsite (at the festival), you will get a participant view from the webcam, set up on a tripod in the studio – just as if you were standing there in person. You’ll be able to see the teacher (and perhaps some of the other participants) and be able to ask questions live through the Chat facility and the teacher will respond.

If your teacher is offsite (teaching from another location, such as the masterclasses), you will get a live stream from her location – so no other participants in the room. Questions will still be relayed to the teacher through the Chat facility by your workshop facilitator.

What will the in-studio workshop experience be?

If you are in the studio at the festival location and:

Your teacher is onsite – standard workshop experience and make

sure you go and wave at the webcam on the tripod to say hi to

your other festival participants zooming in from all over the country!

Your teacher is offsite – your teacher will be projected up onto

the wall screen in a 1.5x2m image from her home location.

Questions can be asked to the workshop facilitator or through

the webcam that will be pointing at you, so your teacher can

see you from her Zoom screen.

What's a festival pass?

A Festival Pass is a one-stop, all-access pass to all the workshops and events over WAMED. You can swan in and out of any workshop you like, get a free ticket to all the events and free entry into the Bazaar. Can't decide? Book the whole lot! Value for participants is $845 - all for $600! Bargain!

What do I get for a festival pass if I'm not in WA?

If you're not able to travel to WA, or would prefer to WAMED from home for any reason, you can still access any of the Zoom workshops (only 3 are not available online) and can jump in and out of any workshop you like online throughout the weekend. A full workshop schedule (without event tickets) would still cost $690 full price, so that's two free workshops if you choose the Pass option. And remember, you can still watch workshops from home in bedsocks with popcorn!

What merchandise are you offering?

We are offering three mementos of the 2021 Muse festival. A black, spaghetti string tank/singlet top, a mulberry workout top and an eco-coffee cup with a lid, all branded with the 2021 Muse logo. Check out the Merchandise page for more info and sizing. 

Please note that shirt orders must be in by the 13th of May for delivery at the festival reception desk. Cups can be pre-purchased for pickup at reception and there will be some to buy from reception as well. 

Both tops and cups can also be posted for a flat rate of $9.50 anywhere in Australia, so all our wonderful rural, interstate and overseas dancers can get a little Muse delivered to your door!

Order through the Dancer Shop.

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