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WAMED Statement - Wednesday 18th March 2020

As you know, we have been considering the impacts of the COVID-19 on the WAMED Festival for 2020. We are determined that we will deliver a fabulous festival, but are wanting to do that safely and in line with the governmental guidelines.


As such, we have regretfully decided to cancel the Friday and Saturday shows, as a considerable amount of preparation goes into these events, both on behalf of the Festival and by the performers. We feel it is more respectful to the performers to decide cancel the performance events at this stage, before considerable time, energy and expense has been invested in preparation. The Raqs Cafe will also change formats based on the current health advice. 

HOWEVER - We are fully committed to supporting all the wonderful teachers who have already invested so much in crafting a workshop experience for you, as well as the enrichment, learning and extension of the dance community. Here is what we are planning for the workshop program.

At present, our contingency plans (at the current level of health advice) include reducing the workshop class sizes, introducing compulsory hand sanitisation and asking anyone displaying symptoms to remove themselves from the Festival venues. 

We will be introducing a streaming option for the participants who are unable to attend, either through travel restrictions, preventative self-isolation or mandated quarantine regulations, so that everyone can benefit from the learning opportunities without exposing fellow dancers to risk. 

We know that many in the dance community either are (or care for others who are) immunocompromised or vulnerable to respiratory conditions and we must act in the best interests of the health of our dance family near and far. We ask anyone who may be contagious (with anything - not just COVID-19!) to respect the health and wellness of others and take up this opportunity to participate without putting others at risk.

If the situation deteriorates and public gatherings are banned (worst case scenario), we will move the workshop program completely online - streaming live using an interactive webinar platform. Online workshops will be offered at a discounted rate and refunds will be available to those who have booked already. 

The team will be updating the WAMED Festival website with our new program. Festival participants will be able to resume bookings for live/online workshops once this is complete. Please note, that some workshops are unable to be delivered digitally and you will see this reflected in the new program.

This WAMED will look a little different, but we will use the magic of technology to offer everything we can to inspire, extend, enrich and captivate the dance community and to bring WAMED 2020 to you - wherever you are!

If you have any questions - please email the WAMED Festival Team, Nikki, Kerry and Fee at WAMEDFestival@gmail.com.


WAMED Festival Team
Nikki, Kerry and Fee